Metoprolol exhaustion download

Metoprolol exhaustion

7 Answers - Posted in: metoprolol, side effect, medicine - Answer: SVT Mommy: yes, tiredness is a very common side effect of this medication. Metoprolol (Lopressor) is a beta blocker, prescribed for treating high blood pressure I seem to be a lot more tired all the time -- is this related?. Here's a checklist of drugs that could be the cause of that weak, tired feeling. ( Lasix), a loop diuretic; and metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol), a beta blocker.

I'm going to ask the doc if I can go back to the half tablet dose, but does anyone else have problems with fatigue from metoprolol? Thanks! 0. Metoprolol 25 milligrams is the generic name of Lopressor and Toprol It can, for example, make you feel very tired, even if you have gotten. Dr. Cindy Grines answers the question: 'Why Should I Take My Beta Blocker?'.

Metoprolol treatment worsens the depressive and high burnout symptoms, but affords anxiolytic benefits independent of HR reduction in CHF. "Fatigue" and "confusion" were also higher on propranolol, and were unaffected by exercise. "Fatigue" was also higher than placebo after exercise on metoprolol . Do you take drugs that might cause fatigue? Almost all of them can, but some prime offenders are beta-blockers (atenolol, metoprolol), diuretics. I am currently off beta-blockers for a month or so, because the side effects from the metoprolol were starting to become intrusive (fatigue.