Cities xl map editor download

Cities xl map editor

Cities XXL official Map Editor is the perfect tool to build and create your own maps, and to share them with the Cities XXL community. Hi everyone, i'm searching Map Editor for download, but can't find it anywhere. There're some links out there, but are all old and corrupted. This is the original XL map editor. Included are files needed to build up a map. Maps made with this editor will also work in XXL For tutorials, Posted By.

This guide will help you to create a map step-by-step with all useful The Cities XXL Map Editor is a free tool for all Cities XXL owners. The great folks over at CitiesXS have posted a new map editor that's worth trying out. I'm not sure what stages of development it's in though and. The official Cities XL modding site gives access to a plugin for 3DSmax, a 3D modelling tool, which allows 3D models to be converted Map-Editor (Neidhard) .