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ResearcherID: G Other Names: Vera Lucia Garcia Calich; Vera Lucia G. Calich; Vera Calich; Vera L Garcia Calich. Vera L. G. Calich's 1 research works with 12 reads, including: Regulatory T cells in paracoccidioidomycosis | Expertise in Biology and Medicine. Lena F. Schimke; James Hibbard; Ruben Martinez-Barricarte ยท Taj Ali Khan; Ricardo de Souza Cavalcante; Edgar Borges De Oliveira Junior; Tabata Takahashi.

Restriction of Parasite Replication. Djalma S. Lima-Junior, Tiago W. P. Mineo, Vera L. G. Calich and Dario S. Zamboni. J Immunol August 7. Calich, V. L. G., and S. S. Kashino. Cytokines produced by susceptible and resistant mice in the course of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection. Braz.