Soldier of fortune 2 gore mod download

Soldier of fortune 2 gore mod

this mod in Single and Multiplayer. Installation: Copy the hipsteriaproject.info3 into Base folder (for use in Single Player or Mod free MP) or copy the. About this mod. Here we have the new version of Bloody Chunks. this version has many improvements.. Featuring: more blood! -blow the. About this mod. Ok,which of you gamers out there were talking bout MP not having enough GORE? Cuz *�F!�3 [email protected]��*'s (aka.

SOF2MP: BARD is short for “Soldier Of Fortune 2 Multiplayer: Bots And weapons, extra gore, and new gametypes to spice up SOF2 - all. Browse and play mods created for Soldier of Fortune II at Mod DB. Thanks for downloading F 3 St Rt3 s aka Z3r0 c gore mod for sof2 INFO ITs finnaly here a gore mod for sof2 this file increases the gore in MP by alot It will.

Soldier of Fortune 2 Double Helix Weapon Mod v. Creator Mr. Big Mister E mail juuso rautaharju pleace no d00d Ur r0x0r mail. VISIT HTTP. I am looking for gore,since i saw like 3 videos of SOF 2 with gore. And now i The SOF2 i have, has gore, and there are gore mods i miss that game:(9 years . Check all the latest Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix files, mods, patches, demos and betas The sequel includes more action, more features and more gore.