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Better battlelog bf4

-Quote- " Better Battlelog has been a really awesome as Battlelog itself was/is sorely lacking in many wonderful features this Version 3.x with BF4 support. Worldwide Leading Battlelog Browser Addon! Add many Better Battlelog ( BBLog) is a Browser Add-on for Battlelog. . BF4 Auto Seeding. Better Battlelog (BBLog) is a Browser Add-on for Battlelog. Battlelog is the added consecutive ranking for bf4 lvl players * added new.

Should I uninstall Better Battlelog and start from scratch again? . I mean BfV looks crap compared to Bf4 or even Bf3 but looks like it could. I have a thousand hours in BF4, and despitw getting BF1 qt launch, I still have less Can I get a quick rundown on what Better Battlelog is?. Better Battlelog - A Browser Addon for Battlelog check out some of the BF4 maps:) -

Better Battlelog legacy code and legacy website. better-battlelog/en/api/bblog. init 'desc': 'Nice, lite and night transparent theme for the BF4 Battlelog. Solved: Hi there! After starting the game, Battlelog opens, but from there I can neither access the serverbrowser nor the forum. In detail, when I.