Magtouch software download

Magtouch software

supposed to be doing? The Magtouch Desktop Starter Kit will ensure that you know exactly what your guards are up to during their shift. Download Software. The "mag-touch" software for the data transfer and reporting has been designed with absolute userfriendliness in mind. Experience has shown, that, even. The Mag-Touch product range is designed and manufactured to be robust with an extremely long battery life and user friendly software. The Mag Express allows .

Further Information 4, The Magtouch software allows for different reporting functionality??Reports by Download? and the?Standard Report?. Both these types. Desktop Starter Kit Software Beta. This is the latest Magtouch uploader software however please understand it is in Beta state and still needs public testing. The UCOMM 3 Upload Station connects to you PC via USB and is used to upload patrol data from the baton. Each Starter Kit comes with an upload station but is.

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