Qmail-smtpd-auth-0.31.tar.gz download


10K [TXT] hipsteriaproject.info Mar 41K [ TXT] 66K [ ] hipsteriaproject.info Feb K [TXT] . Download and extract the smtpauth package. You can download qmail-smtpd- hipsteriaproject.info from this site, or the current version from the author's site. wget hipsteriaproject.info wget http://www. hipsteriaproject.info

Results 1 - 30 of 30 hipsteriaproject.info This patch enables SMTP AUTH protocol with following auth types: LOGIN, PLAIN and CRAM-MD5. 3. Qmail Install. Get the. hipsteriaproject.info to /mydir/ #Download and Untar http:// hipsteriaproject.info Jul K [TXT] hipsteriaproject.info-tls Jul K [TXT] 66K [ ] hipsteriaproject.info Feb K [TXT].

fetch: hipsteriaproject.info smtpd-auth- hipsteriaproject.info: Operation timed out => Attempting to fetch from. tar zxf hipsteriaproject.info # cd qmail-smtpd-auth # cp basec baseh../qmail # patch -d../qmail 必要パッケージ: hipsteriaproject.info + qmailpatch + qmail-smtpd-relay-reject. patch + hipsteriaproject.info + qmail-smtpd-auth daemontools. 年6月21日 qmailとvpopmailとcourier-imapを使ってSMTP AUTHとPOP3サーバ qmail-smtpd hipsteriaproject.info # tar zxf hipsteriaproject.info # cd.