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Gastrodon cry

Shellos, Gastrodon Level up, starting at level Gastrodon Forms. West Gastrodon ยท East Gastrodon. Forms only affect Cry: Download; Footprint: Gastrodon. Index of /audio/cries, , 16K. [SND], genesect .mp3, , K. [SND],, , 13K. Gastrodon's cry. 15 likes. This page is for all who appreciate the wonder of the best Pokemon cry. As you behold Gastrodon's strict noise, a single.

When I hear gastrodon's cry, I think of some cat being eaten by some odd slimy monster of some sort from one of those old fashioned movies. i always thought gen 4 had some of the best cries, but frostlass has always . To part the sea of Kricketune: Gastrodon's cry is extremely wet.