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Solution: That's exactly what I was expecting to see. I wrote a blog post on how to fix this: Service Broker Gone Wild: Dealing With sysxmitqueue. file is very large. I wanted small it. I defined history clean up task for this purpose but when i started this task,my drive c began to. Primary data, MSDBData,, Autogrow by 10 percent until the disk is full. Log, MSDBLog,, Autogrow by 10 percent.

D:\SQL_\SYSTEM\ D:\SQL_\SYSTEM\ MSDBData MSDBLog The database files will be in the default data file location with the file names as and The logical file names will be. Hello from Italy, we're running MS SQL Server under R2 (under VMware ESXi ) The unique database is the ERP database (the.

Hi Everybody,Our C: have 40gb Our file that is inside the C: is too ig (15gb). Now we dont have more space in our C:My question how can i. MDF files on this server, total size (including is 1,MB so the MSDB looks uncharacteristically large to me. I had a look in EM. D:\SQL_\SYSTEM\ D:\SQL_\SYSTEM\ I looked at the size of msdb: SELECT name, size = size * 8. Like any regular database, msdb data and transaction log files can be moved to any other location if and when needed to. Below is a T-SQL.