Ragnarok homunculus ai folder download

Ragnarok homunculus ai folder

WARNING: Do not modify the files in the AI folder, only the ones in USER_AI. Log into your character in Ragnarok Online (the game does not need to be type /hoai (for homunculus) or /merai (for mercenaries) until it says that the AI has . Name & Version, Mercenary Type, Homunculus Type, Author, Description, External Site. MirAI + Mercenary AI, All, All, Miranda Blade &. Homunculus' behavior can be controlled using the Azzy AI NovaRO's Full Installer should include Azzy AI in the AI > USER_AI folder.

Common Ai Problems (Incl Vista/7 Info) - Homunculus Headquarters . Solution 1: Move the ragnarok online folder to another location on the. Open your TalonRO folder, let's say it's talonro. So open talonro/AI. Create a new folder named user_ai and put those 2 you've just downloaded. Backup your AI folder (Just in case something messed up). Your AI folder is Homunculus has been activated with the basic AI. - Activate this.

Working Homunculus AI? Asked by Kolya What AI I should use/how to get it to work/is willing to send over their AI folder? Thanks for your. This is usually located at C:/Program Files/Gravity/Ragnarok Online/AI. Copy and paste the downloaded AI in the USER_AI Folder. Make sure you empty all the. You will find a folder named AI like on the screenshot below. Delete it and extract the AI folder that is in hipsteriaproject.info file to the RO directory. iv done the diferent ai's and i cant get it to work. other post had links to Move/ copy the AI folder back to the ragnarok folder where you found.